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I.A.T.S.E. Local No. 320 Savannah, GA

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Becoming a Member
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We are looking for people who want to work with us and are interested in joining our Local.

Know the Law

IATSE #320 will not allow an employer to falsely claim you as an independent contractor (something our competition does). What does that mean? When working for IATSE you are hired as an employee, unemployment insurance is paid on your behalf by the employer, you have taxes taken more 1099's. If you are not aware of the law make yourself aware. It is illegal for your employer to call you an independent contractor, GA Code 48-7-127 

Know the code 48-7-127

Georgia General Assembly HB 1444 (as passed House and Senate) amending GA Code 48-7-127

Georgia General Assembly SB 491 and vote that amended the code 48-7-127

Who Can Join?

We invite anyone working with-in our craft and interested in becoming a professional Union Stagehand to apply for membership. We are an equal opportunity organization. Members wishing to better their skills are given the opportunity through training programs. Timeliness and cleanliness are requirements of our members before we begin a work call. Solidarity and safety are our primary goals

How Can You Join?

Initiation Fee and Dues
At this time, we need a completed application and $100.00 for the International's processing fee (nonrefundable), plus $200 for the Local membership fee, which must be paid within your first quarter as a member, and dues for the first two quarters are to be paid in full. The quarterly dues for this local are currently $58.00. Once this has been completed the member gets put on our active rotation list, his/her membership card and that quarter's stamp. Note that an applicant must be in good standing with the International to become a member of Local 320. (This means that if you have previously been a member of 320 or any other IATSE local, you must not owe any back debts.)

Contact Us

Please contact us for more information and to get an application. Email us (there is a link at the bottom of every page) or go to the officers page and contact any one of our officers for more infomation.

Benefits of Joining

There are several benefits to becoming a member of our organization.

We are tradesmen that take pride in our craft. Our members are close friends, more than that we are brothers and sisters, united in a similiar cause, to promote trade unionism in the live entertainment industry. We have a great time when we get together for work or social events. Of course, our common interest is to provide work for our brothers and sisters.

In addition to Brotherhood, we offer...

Fair wages and decent working conditions. Overtime pay after 8 hours in a day and/or 40 hours per week. Compensation for missed meals, shortened turnarounds, etc

Safer working conditions. State and Federal safety laws enforced at all times. Workers comp protection on all our jobsites (something not all our competition carries). Your health and well being on the job is our priority 

Retirement savings plan. When working under our agreements, you will receive employer paid contributions to the IATSE National Benefits Funds Annuity Plan. Currently 7% above gross earnings

Health and Welfare benefits. When working under our agreements, you will receive employer paid contribution to the IATSE National Benefits Funds Health & Welfare (H&W). For H&W, each referral has their own account that can be used for reimbursing out of pocket medical costs and obtaining insurance when eligible.

Procedures for grievances. A Job Steward, Business Agent and legal counsel are available to respond to serious problems in the workplace

Discounts for services. Through the UNION-PLUS program, members can receive discounts for a variety of things. Find out more by clicking the UNION-PLUS link below