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I.A.T.S.E. Local No. 320 Savannah, GA

Online Newsletter 4th Quarter 2002
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October thru December

Next meeting date & time:
January 7th
the first Tuesday of the month
7 pm meeting
6 pm officers meeting

Warmest of holiday wishes to you and yours this holiday season

Thanks to the Performing Arts Academy of Savannah, Cultural Affairs, & Stagefront Presentation Services for the pickup work during this holiday season. We appreciate all the work provided by our Local employers

Huge thanks to all our brothers, sisters and friends who came together and helped us have a successful grand opening of the Georgia Southern University Performing Arts Center. Special thanks to Brother James Cranz, 322, and Brother Sloan Snyder for making the trip from Charlotte to help us out. The executives at the GSUPAC were extremely satisified with our job performance and we hope to build a friendship that will last so long as they continue to do professional productions

Local 320 wants to thank Jacksonville Local 115 for all the work they have passed our way in the recent past. Our members, who are willing to travel, really appreciate all that 115 has done for us

Members, we are in a slump due to a lack of work. Keep the faith and know that things will pick up, when they do you will get the calls. You are what makes this Local great