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I.A.T.S.E. Local No. 320 Savannah, GA

Online Newsletter Third Quarter 2002
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July thru September

When: Tuesday, September 3rd @ 7 pm
Where: 1513 Paulsen St.

Brothers and Sisters, work in our industry has dried up for the next month or two. I ask that you keep the faith and persevere for work will come and when it does we will need you, our loyal members, to fill our calls. Card members in good standing get first call on ALL jobs.
It is unfortunate that we will be losing several members due to failure to meet financial obligations to our Local. Several of those being expelled have earned a few thousand dollars through our Local yet when the time comes to pay dues they poor-mouth claiming to be broke. I urge each and every one of you to assess your situation and figure out if being a member of the IATSE has been good for you. If it has, then get caught up and get your card in good standing or resign your card in good standing. If we expel you for non-payment of dues we will turn your debt over to a collections agency to deal with you. We do not have the time nor the desire to carry those delinquent members any longer than we are charged to under our Local's constitution. If you have a financial problem bring it before the e-board and let us help you. Remember your fate rests in your hands, it would be a shame to see you flush your membership and your credit because of something so trivial as not meeting your financial obligation to our Local 

Thank you to all of you who made the summer concert series happen. Without you this summer would not have been such a success. I am proud to report, we had perfect attendance and no major injuries. Every time we do a show we get better, we are on our we to being one heck of a Local.