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I.A.T.S.E. Local No. 320 Savannah, GA

Online newsletter Second Quarter 2002
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April thru June

Last updated 07.06.2002

WHEN:         AUGUST 6 @ 7 PM
WHERE:       1513 PAULSEN ST

We are looking at fork / scissor / condor lift training July 15-17
Each day will be a different certification in a different lift
Cost is $50 per certification
All certifications are OSHA approved, we get the card stating that we are certified
We will do either one or two classes per day say one morning and/or one afternoon, depending on the number of interested members
The Local should cover the cost of the lift rental, we must vote on this
We will require interested members to put down a $25 deposit for each certification they are interested in, deposits are due no later than July 2nd

Interested in the developments at the Lucas? Read about it below...

Editorial: New act for Lucas

SCAD, Lucas deal will keep theatre open

Lucas to deed theater to SCAD

Union activists rally to support stagehands at the Lucas

Brothers and Sisters, again, I want to take this space to thank all of you for your efforts in helping to pull-off an outstanding month of May and early June. Without your hard work and trust in what I do, it would not have happened. It brings me pleasure to announce, we are over the $150,000 mark, thus far, for the year. This is about $50,000 less than we did in 2001. We are growing in leaps and bounds because good work, reaps good results, which in turn, gets us return customers

Brothers and Sisters, I want to take this space to thank all of you that made the month of April such a smashing success. We did the largest month on record, for our Local, in gross earnings. We had a near perfect month in filling our calls. Aside from a couple minor injuries, we succeeded in all aspects of our trade. Our Employers have done nothing but sing praises to us about our work. We are growing in talent and experience. Work in our trade is also growing, now is the time to be as one. One voice leading the live entertainment industry in Savannah. The voice is that of your Local, gaining, through honest means, employment opportunities for us all. Remember, there is nothing we cannot do

Thank you to the riggers from Jacksonville for the help in April. If it weren't for you...well, you know. Brothers Robert Moody Jr., Robert Braitsch and D. Randy Scurlock, we thank you. B.A. Klemnt, I thank you for allowing your riggers to travel to our jurisdiction to help us
Thank you to Brother Norman Adelsflugel for the rigging help on Disney on Ice, it was much appreciated

Brothers and sisters it is with great pride that I announce: We have won the petition for representation with the Lucas Theatre. The NLRB ruled on the matter and found in our favor. The next step is the bargaining table

Work safety...
Members we must all get in the practice of proper work attire. When we are on a call we need to be OSHA compliant. For starters all members must have steel toed shoes / boots. By the end of second quarter 2002 all members must have the proper footwear or be subject to fines for lack thereof. Gloves are another industry standard that members ought to have on each and every call. Often times a pair of gloves will save cuts on the hand and soften the blow on struck appendages. Realize that what we do can present dangerous situations, proper work-wear and being heads up on the job will help prevent injuries and may save a life

Proper tools...
Members we need to make it a point to have the proper tools on all our calls. We command a slightly higher wage than our competition, because we have a higher skill ratio and we come to work with the proper tools. The following are recommended minimums
For carpenters: multi-tool, adjustable wrench, mini-flashlight, hammer, tape measure
For electrics: multi-tool, adjustable wrench, mini-flashlight
For industrial shows: multi-tool, adjustable wrench, mini-flashlight, hammer, allen wrenches 3/8" & 5mm, carpet knife, screw gun, tape measure
For props: multi-tool, mini-flashlight
For riggers: multi-tool, rope, caribiners, safety harness, lanyard
For sound: multi-tool, mini-flashlight