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I.A.T.S.E. Local No. 320 Savannah, GA

Online Newsletter Fourth Quarter 2001
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October thru December

Last updated 12.30.2k1


I want to thank all the Brothers and Sisters who worked "My Fair Lady", once again we won.

Those of you that received the Lucas letter need to attend the next local meeting (see the top of this page), there are several sections to that letter that are completely false and others that are outright lies, I want to dispel those inaccuracies at the meeting. Personally, I think it is a weak scare tactic, they don't even know enough about our organization to give an accurate account of our wants and desires. I want to see 100% of the votes cast on voting day cast UNION YES!
In solidarity -Wayne

As the Business Agent, for Local 320, I want to thank all our old and new Brothers and Sisters for an outstanding year. We have demonstrated that we are a force to be reckoned with. Every job we go on we leave our employers with the satisfaction of a job well done. We are gaining the recognition of local employers, and are truly a working local. Two years ago these statements could not have been made, today I am proud to say it in this forum. I am proud to be your B.A. and look forward to 2002

We want to thank Bro. Thomas Dray, #629 Augusta, for giving us the call on CATS. We all appreciate the sacrifices he made to fulfill the promise made to our Local. When we have overflow work in the coming months #629 will be our first call

Big thanks to the Brothers and Sisters that were involved with any work we had between December 6th and 16th. The handful that went to Augusta represented for 20% of the load-in / out, and almost 50% of the show call for CATS. Thanks for making us proud. Those who worked at the Lucas for the Harlem Boys Choir and the load-in / out of the Gifts of the Magi, I want to thank for being there and making it happen. The run crew for Gifts also deserves recognition for setting aside so much time to make the run as consistent as possible. We rock!

Thanks to the Brothers and Sisters who attended the Local meeting. I feel like we've gotten a lot accomplished in the past year. Your participation in this Local has helped make that possible. Your comments are welcome at any time, Local business issues should be brought before the body of the Local at the meetings. Thanks again for attending and helping to make it OUR voice that is heard

Brothers and Sisters don't forget the canned food for the Local's Food drive. Let's help those that cannot help themselves

Thanks to the Brothers that came out to put the tree on top of the Lucas marquee on such short notice. It's miments like these which make us great

Local 320 would like to express our thanks to GLP A/V Inc. for the work on Nov. 8 & 10.

The week of October 29 to November 4 in review...
The 4th Annual Savannah Film Festival ran the entire week, Bro. Wayne Roelle ran the Mondanaro Theatre for the run of the festival.
November 2+4, AVSS, our first repeat customer since we were released from trustee-ship employed two brothers, Chuck LeValle and Kevin Banker. AVSS was once again thankful for our services
November 2, Frankie Beverly at Savannah State, we supplied riggers and spot ops, another happy client
November 3, Lucas Theatre pre-hang for Hong Kong Ballet
November 4, The Hong Kong Ballet at the Lucas, smooth show just like we like it

The Local extends our welcome to Bro. Chip Fischesser, out of Charolette #322. Bro. Fischesser was recently hired by the Savannah College of Art & Design as the Technical Director for the Trustees Theatre

Members your fourth quarter dues are now due. Call Bro. Charles LeValle 912.354.1961 to pay for this or any quarters dues you owe, check your standing, etc. Remember if you are 3 or more quarter's behind with your dues you will be expelled at by the next monthly meeting unless you get with Bro. LeValle and make a payment.
If you are inactive and thinking of giving up your card, please resign it in good standing, which is to say, write the Local a letter of resignation and include a check through the current quarter. This will be filled with the Local and the International.
Bro. LeValle and I have been out collecting money for stamps and are glad to see so many of you catching up on your back dues. Thanks to all of you that purchased stamps

The Teamsters Local #728 is having a blood drive Saturday, October 20, 2001. Their address is 105 Sharon Ct, Pooler, 31322. For more information 912.748.2615. Let's get out and show our union spirit

Brothers and Sisters, the Local has just gotten a phone at the hall, that will be turned on Tuesday. We will also be listed in the next edition of the Savannah phone book.

The Local would like to thank Marc Williams, at the Savannah Civic Center, for working some of 320's Brothers and Sisters lately on various shows.

Thanks to Brother Mike Coffey and Local No. 333 for working some of our Brothers on the Go For It Roadshow, at the North Charleston Coliseum, October 8 + 11