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I.A.T.S.E. Local No. 320 Savannah, GA

Online Newsletter Third Quarter 2001
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July thru September, 2001

Last Updated 10.6.2k1

The Local would like to thank JP and Moody, riggers from Local 115, Jacksonville, for coming up to rig the Go For It Roadshow at the Savannah Civic Center

The Local would like to thank Marc Williams, at the Savannah Civic Center, for working more than a dozen of 320's Brothers and Sisters on the Go For It Roadshow, September 24-27. Thanks again Marc we really do appreciate it

Brothers and Sisters, good news...We are finally listed correctly in the Quarterly Bulletin. We have also resolved our power issues at the Paulsen address, the October meeting will not be in the dark. Things are on the up and up for your Local.

Thanks to the brothers and sisters who came out and worked the Yamaha jet ski rollout at the Trade Center. What an ordeal...It's gigs like these that help us appreciate well planned and executed gigs. This Local has shown real strength and determination in the face of the beast. Again, I thank all of you that made this gig happen, from my heart.

Thank you to all the brothers and sisters who worked the summer concert series at Sea Pines on Hilton Head Island. Without you it could not have happened. Overall, the shows were a success. We had a few injuries those last two days, mostly related to heat, fatigue and haste. We will make the necessary adjustments for next year to insure our safety on all outdoor summer jobs. I want to express my thanks to anyone reading this that worked on one or all these jobs. Summer jobs that are outdoors are an element I have had relatively little experience with. The lesson has been ground into my head. We must always think safety first, safety always. When it comes down to it, who cares if we beat another cities we do it safely? The road crew just wants to get out and on their way. It is up to us now and in the future to watch out for our brothers and sisters and insure that we get to work another gig

Local 320 would like to thank Local 115 for having three of our rigging brothers down for a couple days. Bro's Aaron Monaghen, Mike Satterfield and Wayne Roelle went to Jacksonville August 3rd, and helped rig Tim McGraw in Alltel Stadium. August 4th, we helped rig Godsmack in the Veteran's Memorial Colesium. Special thanks to Nick, Keith, Susan, JP & Moody for everything, thanks to the rest of the Local for making us feel at home

Thanks go out to all the brothers and sisters that came out to make the Temps / Tops concert such a success. It was hotter than hell out there, probably the hottest gig yet. We made it, once again the promoter and production were happy. We have one more for this series, let's make it a good one

Finally, we have gotten our bank account signed back to the Local, have stamps, for those of you behind in your dues we have the ledger that contains your current standing. Come to the next meeting and get caught up with your dues and any other incidentals you may owe the Local, be a brother/sister in good standing with your Local

We've had a lot of positive feedback during this concert series. The promotion group, the production company and the touring companies have all been extremely happy with our performance through this run. Thanks again to all of you that have made this possible

Thanks go out to all the members that worked the Wynonna show. This was by far the smoothest show yet. This Local is definately looking better every time we do a show. Keep it up Brothers and Sisters

MEMBERS YOUR THIRD QUARTERS DUES ARE NOW DUE. The cost is $40 and the stamp covers July thru September. Contact Brother Charles LeValle or Brother Wayne Roelle about payment information

There are still several member that owe their 3% from the Beach Boys concert in Hilton Head. Those dues are due by the August meeting

Members if you have any issues you feel are important, bring them to the meeting. The meeting is the perfect forum to get ideas, complaints, anything that is on your mind, out into the open.

ATTENTION MEMBERS---If you know of a gig, show, something that is happening that stagehands might be needed for, LET US KNOW. If you choose not to say anything you may just be costing yourself and your Local a job.